Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (Review)

HOBBS & SHAW: Knock knock!
MAX JOSEPH: Who’s there?
HOBBS & SHAW: The Rock!
MAX JOSEPH: The Rock Who?
HOBBS & SHAW: (No words were spoken, just an eyebrow was raised)


Hobbs & Shaw is the first spinoff of the ever growing Fast & Furious franchise, and is directed by the gentleman behind Deadpool 2 & Atomic Blonde, David Leitch. It stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as big beefcake Luke Hobbs, Jason Statham as the fancy gentleman in a suit, Deckard Shaw, Idris Elba as the super-villian, Brixton, aka “Black Superman”, Vanessa Kirby as bada** Hattie Shaw, and Roman Reigns as Roman Reigns.

So what we get in the trailers is exactly what we get. Everything you think this film has, it has it. Here’s the plot in one sentence… We meet Brixton who is a genetically enhanced super-villain, who wants to release a super-virus, which forces Hobbs and Shaw to form an unlikely alliance, to stop Brixton from releasing the virus. That’s it. And ya know what? That’s great. Once we all understand that that is what this film is about, then it’s just a great time.

So what did I think of it?
It was a perfect Thursday night flick, and I had a blast. I will say that I was never a diehard Fast & Furious person. I’ve seen all of the films, and I enjoy them, but they aren’t my religion by any means. They’ve always been in my head, “popcorn flicks”, which is GREAT, but nothing that I look forward to. That has changed. I had a very similar experience to when I saw Mission Impossible - Fallout. I had seen all the films leading up to it, and thought they were totally solid, and then I saw Tom Cruise break his foot on an IMAX screen, and I lost my mind, and ended having one of the most memorable theatergoing experiences!


Once you get over the fact that everything happening is absolutely bonkers, this is an awesome movie. I didn’t go to see this for an invigorating plot line. I went for the action! I went to see the fight scenes, car chases, the slow motion jumping from ridiculous heights, and it was perfect. And ya know what? Sometimes it’s really nice to have a film like this in our lives!

Statham and The Rock (I will never refer to him by Dwayne Johnson, as a WWE fan, I just can’t do it) were hilarious together! Their hatred towards each other is brought up every three and a half minutes, and it’s somehow funny each time. I do wish that they hadn’t given us that awesome hallway fight scene (and other similar moments) where Statham slams the dude’s head into the scanner in the trailer, because I knew it kind of ruined that bit for me.

Quick thought about Idris Alba. He is one of the most talented actors in Hollywood, and I don’t understand why he hasn’t done more meaty roles. That is NO disrespect towards the big budget films that I adore more than most people I know, but I want to see him really sink his teeth into a great screenplay, and give me more Beasts of No Nation kind of stuff!

Here's What I Know (the bullet points)…
•The Rock can literally make a movie about anything, and I will be the first in line to see it.
•I am now on board with the Fast & Furious franchise.
•When it comes to awards season, I hope it gets recognized for the stunt work.
•Please don’t bring a Subway sandwich into the movie theater, it will literally make the entire theater smell.
•Give Vanessa Kirby her own spinoff, cause I would watch that in a heartbeat. Her action sequences are great, and I’d love a storyline for her.
•Idris Alba is a brilliant actor, and is capable of every kind of role on the planet, and I’d love to see some more meaty roles for him (but still do these box office films please).

Long story short…
I was super into this movie, and I want to see 10 more of them, which I think will happen, so go Hobbs & Shaw! And I also highly recommend seeing this film IN theaters, cause it’s just gonna be better on a big screen (like most films).
I’m giving it ★★★★’s!

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