Why We Don't Need Mushu or The Musical Numbers in 'Mulan'

The first official teaser has come out for Disney’s Live Action remake of one of their most underrated films, Mulan. And guess what? It looks absolutely STUNNING.

The cinematography, production design, costumes and makeup are above and beyond my expectations. And Yifei Liu seems to be perfection. But is that good enough for people? It seems to not be. An outcry has begun on social media for not seeing a certain character in our first teaser, and the musical numbers…

The rumors have been circulating for some time that fan favorite character, Mushu, originally voiced Eddie Murphy in the 1998 Disney classic won’t be appearing in the remake, as well as the musical numbers, such as “Reflection”.

Are we allowed to be disappointed? Sure! That’s totally fine! But maybe this film doesn’t need a comedic sidekick character. Maybe we don’t need to see that. Maybe we deserve a film that just focuses on this community, and it’s rich traditions. And instead of making it a “song & dance” kind of film, maybe Disney can capitalize on making this a drama, and not a movie about a funny dragon, or about the big musical numbers! Maybe even make this PG13? If Disney plays this right, I can see this being a MAJOR Oscar contender next year!!

Mulan comes out March 27th, 2020, and is directed by Niki Caro, and stars Yifei Liu, Jet Li & Donnie Yen.

Max JosephComment