The Joker May Be Going to Venice


As per IndieWire, there’s a chance that Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker may be heading to the infamous Venice Film Festival. If this is the case, that is big.

Here’s a list of a few recent films at Venice Film Festival…
Gravity (2013), Birdman (2014), Spotlight (2015), La La Land (2016), The Shape of Water (2017), Roma (2018)…

See what I’m getting at? All of these films listed were nominated for Best Picture, and the ones that are bolded WON Best Picture.
Now does being at the VFF guarantee that you’ll be an Oscar nominee, or even WIN the Oscar? Of course not. But this is why The Joker eyeing the VFF is a big deal. They wouldn’t be going for it unless this film was gonna be something special. And why not? Especially since just this last year, Black Panther earned the first ever Best Picture nomination for a superhero film.

If it doesn’t get a Best Picture nom, we also have one of the greatest living actors who hasn't won Oscar, playing a role that has already earned one (Heath Ledger in Dark Knight), so why not give a second one? Phoenix is overdue a nomination, especially after missing out on his performance in Her in 2014, where he was nominated for a Golden Globe, but couldn’t get the big one. His last Oscar nom was in 2013 for The Master.

Can we see a surprise hit coming up on October 4th? Only time will tell.

Max JosephComment